Round Up to Give with Moka–JFS’s Virtual Pushke Box! 


Make change with spare change!

Moka and CanadaHelps are making it easier to give back with Round Up to Give 


CanadaHelps and Moka have teamed up to enable donations made through the Moka app, giving Moka users a new way to support the charities they care about.

When you sign up for the Moka app, they round up every purchase you make to donate the spare change to the charity of your choice. It’s now even easier to fit charitable giving into your life and your budget and it’s powered by CanadaHelps.

​How Does It Work?

  1. Create a Moka account and link your bank to the app.
  2. Select Jewish Family Services of Ottawa as your charity of choice and set a donation goal.
  3. Use your debit and credit cards to make purchases as you normally would.
  4. Moka rounds up each purchase you make to the nearest dollar and, each month, donates the total to the charity you selected using CanadaHelps!
  5. Access your charitable tax receipts anytime right in your Moka app.

Get Started


Why Sign Up?

An easy, automated way to give

Donate without changing your lifestyle or feeling the difference in your bank account.


Choose from any charity in Canada

Support your favourite cause and choose from any of Canada’s 86,000 registered charities.


You could lower your tax bill

You may be entitled to receive as much as 52% of your donation back at tax time. Your receipt will be available in your Moka account.


Get financial investment help, too

The Moka app can also help you starting saving to reach your financial savings goals.


Share the love to support your cause

Refer friends to Round Up to Give and you’ll earn $5 to donate to your favourite charity and so will they!



Ready to make a difference with your spare change?