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MYTH: There are no Jews in our
community living in poverty.
FACT: More than 1,200 Jews in Ottawa live in poverty. They are our neighbours, friends and family. They are new immigrants making a fresh start, individuals struggling with mental health issues, seniors, Holocaust survivors, families with two working parents, single-parent families, and women fleeing domestic violence.

For nearly 20 years, you have helped us provide emergency assistance to the most vulnerable and otherwise isolated members of our community. Every dollar you donate to the EZRA Campaign supports those who struggle each day to provide for themselves and their families. Please join us in support of the Ezra Campaign by making a donation online or by phone at 613-722-2225.

What can do with your support:

Provide a safe and positive place for over 1200 Jews in our community when they need help.

Assist over 500 individuals and families in our community each month.

Provide financial assistance to women living with domestic violence to help them leave abusive relationships.

Help strengthen individuals and families who have been derailed by unexpected and tragic events.

Assist individuals in our community to meet their basic essential needs.

Support families in times of crisis.

100% of the funds
raised through the
Ezra Campaign
Jewish Families
in Ottawa. Donate Now!

How Your Donation Makes a Difference

“Jeff is a young homeless Jewish man trying to manage his mental health issues while surviving on the streets of our city. You may have seen him spending a little too long getting warm inside while you bought your morning coffee and bagel. You may have walked past him as he stood in a doorway for hours, trying to use up one of the only things he had an abundance of—time.

Jeff eventually found his way to our Tikvah program. With the support of his Tikvah worker, Jeff secured a subsidy for housing—he no longer had to sleep in hallways or on buses, constantly fearing for his safety and that of his few belongings. As well, the financial support Jeff received from the program allowed him to purchase food, so he didn’t go hungry.

Now, with a safe place to live and no need to worry about where his next meal was coming from, Jeff could look for work and invest more of his time into trying to manage his mental health. Because of you he is now moving forward. We thank you and more importantly, Jeff thanks you.”

JFS Tikvah Client