Ezra Campaign

Funds raised through the Ezra Campaign support Jewish Families in Ottawa.

About the Ezra Campaign

Dear Friends,

Just about a year ago I started to volunteer for JFS Ottawa’s Tikvah Committee so I could give back to the community that has supported me and my family for so many years. 

This small advisory group meets monthly to support the clinical work done by the JFS team who provide direct financial assistance to Jewish community members. 

At each meeting I learn more about the challenges that many of our Jewish neighbours face on a day-to-day basis. Some things I want you to know:

  • There is poverty in our Jewish Community.
  • Children go to school hungry because of food insecurity in our Jewish Community.
  • Women and children are fleeing domestic violence everyday in our Jewish Community.
  • We have homeless people from our Jewish Community.

 The Tikvah Committee and the Ezra Fund support those who face these challenges.  They can count on me and I’m asking the same of you

Thank you for considering a meaningful donation to support a Jewish neighbour experiencing difficult times.  This responsibility is all of ours.


Ellie Greenberg

Tikvah Committee Member




  • Provide direct financial assistance to 70+ families every month (a 20% increase from last year).
  • Help 130+ families to celebrate the Jewish holidays.
  • Distribute fresh fruit and vegetables to 130+ families a month through Miriam’s Well (a 13% increase from last year).