Ezra Campaign

Funds raised through the Ezra Campaign support Jewish Families in Ottawa.

About the Ezra Campaign

Like many of you, this time of year finds me wrapped up in the joy of Hanukkah once again—the sight of the gifts lined up, the smell of latkes and candles and yells of ‘encouragement’ for the dreidel to land on a gimel. I am comforted knowing these same celebrations are happening around the world, alongside mine.

Recently, our celebrations have changed and for many of us that means from a distance online or quietly at home with our immediate household. It hasn’t been the same, but it’s been the best we could do, given the circumstances. This is how we’ve been marking our holidays.

However, many of our Jewish neighbours celebrate the holiday differently, not always having the means to purchase food or enjoy the luxury of gifts. However, they still want to celebrate and feel part of a tradition that has continued for thousands of years. Help us do that for them.

The supports they need today, may also be needed tomorrow and for the many tomorrows after that. Our Ezra Fund will be there as long as there is a need for it in our community.

This year Hanukkah kicks off our annual Ezra Campaign and with that I present you with eight Hanukkah ‘gifts’ you could consider making to your community. While these gifts are not wrapped, what they represent will be received with excitement and much appreciation. These symbolic gifts demonstrate how your annual Ezra donation can impact the life of a neighbour throughout the year.

You can help us guide people towards stability and health through your Ezra gift.




Sarah Caspi
Executive Director




More than 1,200 Jews in Ottawa are living in Poverty. They may be our neighbours, friends, and family. They may be new immigrants here to make a fresh start, individuals struggling with mental health issues, seniors, Holocaust survivors, families with dual working parents, and single parent families.