Life and Legacy

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We believe that everyone deserves to be treated this way.  For 40 years, you have been our partner, using these values to guide us as we serve those who need it most.  When we see homelessness, domestic abuse, mental illness, or people living precariously because of unstable incomes, you are with us, ready to guide our neighbors from crisis to calm, from anguish to awareness, and from isolation to connection.

Through all of this, you trust us to identify the needs of our community and with ingenuity to develop programs that make a difference – guiding people to stability and health.

JFS represents the Jewish values of tzedakah and tikkun olam to our broader Ottawa community and our clients, many of whom are not Jewish.  You make this possible now, and into the future.

Our Legacy donors are people just like you who believe that JFS must be a welcoming home where neighbours can reach out for help and receive it unconditionally. 

Your Legacy gift will ensure that the Jewish community will always provide for the most vulnerable among us.

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